DataCare is no more but the core Storage Team is now PNP

After 19 years of excellent service, DataCare closed in April 2022 due to financial difficulties. I joined Mr. Suresh Shetty and DataCare in 2010 to lead the storage division and bring on board many new brands like QNAP, Synology, WD, Seagate and NComputing for whom we became the top integrator. When DataCare closed in April '22, it did not have to mean the end of our legacy. So, along with some key colleagues, I joined a company that had a similar vision for storage so that I could continue to offer the same product line with the same level of service.

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Popular Tape Media in Dubai

Today the tape media has converged to LTO, RDX and 3592 formats and we do all these formats in major brands . Apart from these we also have legacy media in stock like DDS, DLT and QIC tapes

Part Number Description
Q2001A HP LTO-1 Bar Code : 100/200GB Label Packs (Q2001A)
Q2009A HP LTO-4 Bar Code : 800GB/1.6TB Label Packs
Q2011A HP LTO-5 Bar Code : 1.5/3.0TB Label Packs (Q2011A)
Q2013A HP LTO-6 Bar Code : (Q2013A) : 100 Data Labels + 10 Cleaning Labels
Q2014A HP LTO-7 Bar Code : 6/15TB Label Packs (Q2014A)
Q2016A HP LTO-7 M8 Bar Code : 9/22.5TB Label Packs (Q2016A)
Q2015A HP LTO-8 Bar Code : 12/30TB Label Packs (Q2015A)
Q2017A HP LTO-9 Bar Code Label Pack : 100 Data + 10 Cleanings (Q2017A)
Q2044A HP RDX 1TB Removable Disk
Q2046A HP RDX 2TB Removable Disk
Q2048A HP RDX 4TB Removable Disk
Q2042A HP RDX 500GB Removable Disk
C8S07B HP RDX External Drive
C7977AN/C7977AL HPE LTO-7 6/15TB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7977AN/C7977AL)
C7978AN/C7978AL HPE LTO UCC Cleaning (C7978AN/C7978AL)
C7978A HPE LTO UCC Cleaning Ultrium Tapes (C7978A)
C7971A HPE LTO-1 : 100/200GB Ultrium Tapes (C7971A)
C7971AL/C7971AN HPE LTO-1 100/200GB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7971AL/C7971AN)
C7972A HPE LTO-2 : 200/400GB Ultrium Tapes (C7972A)
C7972AL/C7972AN HPE LTO-2 200/400GB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7972AL/C7972AN)
C7973A HPE LTO-3 : 400/800GB Ultrium Tapes (C7973A)
C7973AN/C7973AL HPE LTO-3 400/800GB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7973AN/C7973AL)
C7974A HPE LTO-4 : 800GB/1.6TB Ultrium Tapes (C7974A)
C7974AL/C7974AN HPE LTO-4 800GB/1.6TB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7974AL/C7974AN)
C7975A HPE LTO-5 : 1.5/3.0TB Ultrium Tapes (C7975A)
C7975AL/C7975AN HPE LTO-5 1.5/3.0TB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7975AL/C7975AN)
C7976B HPE LTO-6 : 2.5/6.25TB (BaFe) Ultrium Tapes (C7976B)
C7976A HPE LTO-6 : 2.5/6.25TB (MP) Ultrium Tapes (C7976A)
C7976AL/C7976AN HPE LTO-6 2.5/6.25TB (MP) : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (C7976AL/C7976AN)
C7977A HPE LTO-7 : 6/15TB Ultrium Tapes (C7977A)
Q2078M HPE LTO-7 M8 : 9/22.5TB Ultrium Tapes (Q2078M)
Q2078ML/Q2078MN HPE LTO-7 M8 9/22.5TB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (Q2078ML/Q2078MN)
Q2078A HPE LTO-8 : 12/30TB Ultrium Tapes (Q2078A)
Q2078AL/Q2078AN HPE LTO-8 12/30TB : Prelabelled LTO 20 Pack (Q2078AL/Q2078AN)
Q2079A HPE LTO-9 Ultrium 18TB/45TB Tape cartridge for use in LTO-9 Tape drives
02XW568 IBM LTO-9 Ultrium 18TB/45TB Tape cartridge for use in LTO-9 Tape drives
46X7452 IBM 3592 Gen - JC Advanced C Tape Media (46X7452)
18P7534 IBM 3592 Gen - JA Standard Tape Media (18P7534)
23R9830 IBM 3592 Gen - JB Extended Tape Media (23R9830)
'2727263 IBM 3592 Gen - JD Advanced D Tape Media (2727263)
02CE960 IBM 3592 Gen - JE Advanced E Tape Media (02CE960)
24R0316 IBM 3592 Gen - JJ Economy Tape Media (24R0316)
18P7535 IBM 3592 Gen Cleaning Tape Media (18P7535)
35L2086 IBM LTO UCC Cleaning Data Tapes (35L2086)
08L9120 IBM LTO-1 100/200GB Data Tapes (08L9120)
08L9870 IBM LTO-2 200/400GB Data Tapes (08L9870)
24R1922 IBM LTO-3 400/800GB Data Tapes (24R1922)
95P4436 IBM LTO-4 800GB/1.6TB Data Tapes (95P4436)
46X1290 IBM LTO-5 1.5/3.0TB Data Tapes (46X1290)
00V7590 IBM LTO-6 2.5/6.25TB (BaFe) Data Tapes (00V7590)
38L7302 IBM LTO-7 : 6/15TB Data Tapes (38L7302)
38L7302M8 IBM LTO-7 M8 : 9/22.5TB Data Tapes (38L7302M8)
01PL041 IBM LTO-8 : 12/30TB Data Tapes (01PL041)
MR-LUCQN-BC Quantum LTO Generation : Pre Labelled LTO UCC Cleaning (MR-LUCQN-BC)
MR-LUCQN-01 Quantum LTO UCC Cleaning (MR-LUCQN-01)
MR-L1MQN-01 Quantum LTO-1 : 100/200GB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L1MQN-01)
MR-L2MQN-BC Quantum LTO-2 : 200/400GB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L2MQN-BC)
MR-L2MQN-01 Quantum LTO-2 : 200/400GB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L2MQN-01)
MR-L3MQN-BC Quantum LTO-3 : 400/800GB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L3MQN-BC)
MR-L3MQN-01 Quantum LTO-3 : 400/800GB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L3MQN-01)
MR-L4MQN-BC Quantum LTO-4 : 800GB/1.6TB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L4MQN-BC)
MR-L4MQN-01 Quantum LTO-4 : 800GB/1.6TB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L4MQN-01)
MR-L5MQN-BC Quantum LTO-5 : 1.5/3.0TB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L5MQN-BC)
MR-L5MQN-01 Quantum LTO-5 : 1.5/3.0TB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L5MQN-01)
MR-L6MQN-BC Quantum LTO-6 : 2.5/6.25TB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L6MQN-BC)
MR-L6MQN-01 Quantum LTO-6: 2.5/6.25TB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L6MQN-01)
MR-L7MQN-BC Quantum LTO-7 : 1.5/3.0TB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L7MQN-BC)
MR-L7MQN-BC Quantum LTO-7 M8 : 9/22.5TB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L7MQN-BC)
MR-L7MQN-01 Quantum LTO-7: 6/15TB Ultrium Tapes (MR-L7MQN-01)
MR-L8MQN-BC Quantum LTO-8 : 12/30TB Pre Labelled 20 Pack Ultrium Tapes (MR-L8MQN-BC)
MR-L8MQN-01 Quantum LTO-8 Ultrium MR-L8MQN-01
MR-L9MQN-01 Quantum LTO-9 Ultrium 18TB/45TB Tape cartridge for use in LTO-9 Tape drives
8586-RDX Tandberg Data 1TB RDX Cartridge
8731-RDX Tandberg Data 2TB RDX Cartridge
8807-RDX Tandberg Data 3TB RDX Cartridge
8824-RDX Tandberg Data 4TB RDX Cartridge
8862-RDX Tandberg Data 5TB RDX Cartridge
8782-RDX Tandberg Data RDX DOCK External USB
01X024 Dell PowerVault LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge ( UCC)
0N0439 Dell PowerVault LTO-2 200/400GB Ultrium (0N0439)
0HC591 Dell PowerVault LTO-3 400/800GB Ultrium ( 0HC591)
0YN156 Dell PowerVault LTO-4 800GB/1.6TB Ultrium (0YN156)
02H9YH Dell PowerVault LTO-5 1.5/3.0TB Ultrium (02H9YH)
3W22T Dell PowerVault LTO-6 2.5/6.25TB Ultrium (3W22T)
07J4HF Dell PowerVault LTO-7 6/15TB Ultrium (07J4HF)
Y577J Dell PowerVault LTO-8 12/30TB Ultrium