About my Blog

I chronicle a world that has captivated me for decades – data storage. With a journey that began in 1998 within the data storage industry, I have since become a practitioner and a storyteller of this dynamic field. Today, my livelihood revolves around offering cutting-edge Network Attached Storage and tape storage solutions.

I started my career in days when Reel to Reel tapes were transitioning to QIC tapes. I have witnessed the evolution of 4mm, 8mm tapes, QIC and Travan formats. Those were the times when I saw the rise of Iomega's 100MB Zip and the 1TB Jazz drives. Yet, amidst the successes, I also recall the fall of Imation's Super Disk ( which was in my opinion a better format than Iomega's Zip) . I witnessed the format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and saw Sony Win.

Tapes hold a special place in my heart; they're more than just storage media. Each format tells a story of technological advancement and innovation. I own a personal library or every format of tapes I have ever sold .

Join me as I share insights, experiences and information about this ever-shifting landscape of the data storage domain.

Akash Jain