HP Q2078A vs Q2078AN vs Q2078AL

Reader's Question (edited for clarity): I own an HP BB874A drive. What capacity will I get if I use an LTO-8 tape in it? And which is better: Q2078A or Q2078AN?

Firstly, your BB874A is an LTO-7 drive, so you cannot use an LTO-8 tape with it. If that were possible, you'd never need to upgrade. The most economical option for your LTO-7 drive is to use LTO-7 tapes. You can also use LTO-6 tapes, but the cost per TB is higher, making LTO-7 tapes more cost-effective. Part number for your use is C7977A.

Regarding the difference between Q2078A, Q2078AN, and Q2078AL:

  • Q2078A is a standard LTO -8 tape without barcode labels.
  • Q2078AN is a pack of 20 LTO-8 tapes, each factory labeled with random serial number barcode labels
  • Q2078AL is also a pack of 20 LTO-8 tapes, but allows you to customize the serial numbers.

Q2078AN and Q2078AL are generally more expensive. While the distribution cost from HP is the same as for Q2078A, the lower volume of Q2078AN and Q2078AL makes their prices effectively higher, and they also have longer lead times.

For you, since you have a single drive, there is no benefit to using barcoded tapes. Barcodes are mainly useful for automated solutions, such as autoloaders or libraries.

Where to buy LTO Tapes in Dubai

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