Privacy Screen Filters Buying guide 2024

We specialize in offering a diverse range of Privacy Screen filters in the UAE, backed by our expertise in the field since 2005 . As a go-to source for these privacy, we understand that individuals considering privacy screens often have a variety of questions. This blog post is written to provide you with comprehensive answers to the most common queries, helping you make informed decisions about privacy screen solutions.

Technology: How Privacy screen filter works turning trasparent to black

This answer is for you if you intrigued by the inner workings of the privacy technology. It looks like magic when you see a screen gradually lose brightness and eventually become black as you rotate it.

A 2 Way privacy screen Turns black to Transparent and back again when the display is rotated.

The magic lies within the countless small and uniform louvers in each privacy screen. When viewed straight, these louvers permit the light to go through, making the screen transparent. However, when observed from an angle, the louvers disperse the light, causing the screen to appear black (or another color, depending on the ability to scatter specific wavelengths), a phenomenon known as the polarization of light.

The alignment of these louvers is crucial; for instance, a two-way portrait privacy screen functions optimally only in portrait orientation. If used in landscape view, the orientation of the louvers transforms, turning from left-right to top-down and now instead of blocking side views it would block top and bottom views.

An easy way to imagine this physically is to think of a Venetian blind where each slat is positioned at a 90-degree angle. When viewed straight on, it shows the view, while from an angle, it obstructs the view.

Extent of Privacy : Difference between 2 Way Privacy Screen and 4 Way Privacy Screen

There are two types of privacy screen filters based on the angles from which they protect your device. The more common variety is the 2-way privacy filter, shielding your screen from views on both the left and right sides. This type is widely available from popular brands like 3M, Port, Fellows, and Targus.

However, if you seek comprehensive privacy, including protection from views above and below, a 4-way privacy screen is the solution. While a 2-way privacy filter might not block the view from someone standing directly behind you, a 4-way privacy screen ensures protection from all four sides—left, right, top, and bottom.

In Kapsolo brand, we offer both 2-way and 4-way privacy screen filters. 4 way privacy is more expensive but offers excellent protection for those looking to protect their view from all 4 sides.

Finding the right size of privacy screen

Knowing which size of privacy screen will fit your device seems like a simple question, but it isn't.

First reason is that you never have the exact height and width of your privacy screen. You have a diagonal size ( for example 24"). This 24" Diagonal screen can be 16:9 ( wide where the ratio between width and heigth of the screen is 16 to 9), or it can be 16:10 ( extra wide with ratio between width & height being 16 to 10).

To make it even more complicated - that 24" monitor you were told is 24" could actually be 23.8". So you can't buy a privacy for your 24" Monitor unless you know the width and height of the screen.

Fortunately, vendors like Kapsolo and 3M keep a database of devices , that you can search by device model number and see if there is a privacy screen in your device size.

Ways to attach Privacy to Screen : Magnetic, Plug in, Adhesive, clip on, hanging

Attaching the privacy to your screen can be done in many ways

  • Magnetic Frame Privacy:
    For screens with a magnetic bezel (common in Apple and some Dell models), this is the best option as its very easy to remove and reattach
  • Plug-In Style:
    The most widespread type, featuring double-sided adhesive tapes and tabs for screen attachment.
  • Adhesive Sticker Privacy:
    Best viewing for all screen types since there is no gap between the privacy and display. For Curved monitors, this is the only option that works. However, removing and reattaching can be a bit tricky or outright impossible
  • Hanging Frame: Designed primarily for desktop monitors, these privacies come with hanging frames and clips for easy attachment to the monitor.

Additional features to look for in privacy: Reversible/non-reversible, anti-bacterial, extra coating, etc

Certain privacy vendors, such as Kapsolo and 3M, offer reversible privacy screens. One side has a glossy finish, while the other features a matte surface, the latter providing superior anti-glare properties. If you work in open where the sunlight or any other light source shines over your screen, anti-glare is a must.

Notably, Kapsolo goes the extra mile by incorporating an anti-bacterial coating on the surface of their privacy filters.

That concludes our overview of privacy filters. We trust that the information provided proves valuable in aiding you to choose the perfect privacy filter for your device.

Where to buy Privacy Screen Filters in Dubai

PNP specializes in privacy screens, offering products from renowned brands like 3M, Port, and Kapsolo in the UAE. Whether you require a privacy screen for a widely-used device or need a custom size, please get in touch with us.