QNAP Thunderbolt4 NAS based on TS-hx74 series

QNAP is the sole manufacturer offering Thunderbolt 4 NAS solutions (as far as I know) , setting them apart from other contenders like Terramaster, which solely offers Thunderbolt 4 Direct Attached Storage (DAS). What truly sets QNAP devices apart is that they bridge both network and Thunderbolt connections simultaneously.

Launch of TBS-574TX hinting at other Thunderbolt4 models launch

The remarkable success of QNAP's Thunderbolt 3 NAS range is evident, and their latest launch of TBS-574TX at Computex hints at an imminent release of mainstream Thunderbolt 4 models. The TBS-574TX, a unique concept model featuring 5 x E1.s bays ( with M.2 NVMe support) , a 10G base-T network port, and 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports. The device showcases QNAP's hardware prowess , its become a yearly tradition to demonstrate a unique model during Computex.

Thunderbolt4 , as you might know doesn't offer a higher throughput , but offers the higher minimum specifications over thunderbolt3

A table Summarizing major differences between Thunderbolt4 and Thunderbolt3

Max Speed40 Gbps40 Gbps
Minimum bandwidth available for data transfer 16 Gbps 32 Gbps
Display Required to Be 1 x 4KRequired to be 2 x 4K / 1 x 8K
Power DeliveryUpto 100WRequired to be upto 100W
Max Cable 0.5m2m
Ideal forSingle Device connected to TB3Multiple Devices connected to TB4

New QNAP TVS-h874T and TVS-h674T with Thunderbolt4 ports

QNAP has introduced the following 3 models with thunderbolt4 ports.

An 8 Bay TVS-h874T-i9-64G and a 6 bay TVS-h674T-i5-32G. Both with 2 x Thundberbolt4 ports

A table showing major specifications of 3 models

Model2.5”/3.5 BaysM.2 NVMe PortsProcessorRamNetwork PortsThunderbolt 4 PortsUSB C Ports
TVS-h874T-i9-64G82Intel i964GB2x 2.5GbE21
TVS-h874T-i7-32G82Intel i732GB2x 2.5GbE21
TVS-h674T-i5-32G62Intel i532GB2x 2.5GbE21

All these models are built on the hx74 series . While I anticipated a model denotation ending with "T4" to signify Thunderbolt 4, QNAP has maintained the single "T" naming convention similar to the Thunderbolt 3 series. From the model number itself, it's impossible to tell whether it's a Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 variant.

There are only 6 and 8 bay models. Absensce of a 4-bay model is understandable , given that individuals seeking high-speed Thunderbolt 4 storage typically prioritize a greater number of bays for their storage needs.

These devices will become available to channel in October and we will have them available online on www.pnpdxb.com as soon as we receive stocks

Where to buy the new Thunderbolt4 and other QNAP in Dubai

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