myQNAPcloud storage is QNAP's Public Cloud

It has been a while since Synology introduced its public cloud service( Called C2) and now QNAP is in the testing phase for its own public cloud service known as myQNAPcloud Storage. Name bears a similarity with QNAP's existing dyndns/remote access service called myQNAPcloud, myQNAPcloud Storage is distinct as a public cloud.

QNAP emphasizes its cost-effectiveness, assured uptime, and global Datacenters as key features compared to other public clouds. However, these are not the most significant advantage of QNAP Cloud. The biggest advantage of QNAP cloud is the native support for QNAP apps.

myQNAPcloud storage natively supports QNAP's HBS, Hybrid Mount, and Hybrid Backup Center. This native support ensures seamless integration with QNAP-powered cloud storage, making all apps inherently compatible.

HBS support enables effortless creation of HBS jobs between on-premises QNAP devices and the cloud bidirectionally. Hybrid Mount support allows users to conveniently mount their cloud storage as a folder for easy access. Once QNAP releases the Hybrid Backup Center, myQNAPcloud Storage will seamlessly integrate with it as well.

The primary appeal of myQNAPcloud Storage is evident for existing QNAP NAS owners, as the native support for QNAP apps enhances user experience and functionality as this is the easiest Public cloud to use with QNAP devices