Want a Remarkable Tablet in the UAE : Direct purchase is your only option

Being a strong advocate for efficient note-taking and a tech enthusiast, I adhere to a structured approach of jotting down notes on paper, following a format that aligns with my cognitive preferences. Incoming shipments on the left, outgoing on the right, urgent at the left bottom, and ongoing tasks taking less than 2 minutes at the bottom right.

I have always been a firm believer that nothing could truly replace the tangible feel of paper. Even though I sell Wacom tablets and have tried them, they excel in drawing but fall short in the realm of note-taking. That perception changed when I stumbled upon advertisements for the Remarkable tablet, leading me to conduct thorough research and read numerous positive reviews.

Now, having owned the tablet for a month, I've entirely replaced my paper-based note-taking. What truly sets this tablet apart is not its extraordinary capabilities but its ability to replicate everything I used to do on paper. I didn't need to rewire my thought process; everything I used to do on A4 paper seamlessly transitioned to the Remarkable tablet in my accustomed format.

The aspects I appreciate the most about this device are the paper-like feel, distraction-free interface, and clutter-free digital environment. It has one function - note taking and it does it very well.

Call it my frequency illusion, but I have noticed more people are expressing interest in or already using the Remarkable tablet since I began using it. Even some of our corporate customers, to whom we provide data storage solutions, are keen on purchasing bulk quantities for their teams.

Want to buy Remarkable table in UAE

I've been eager to procure the Remarkable tablet in the UAE and even resell it . However, a significant obstacle lies in the absence of an official reseller program in the region. As of now, potential buyers like myself can only acquire the device directly from Remarkable's website.

Buying directly however can be difficult for corporate buyers accustomed to streamlined procurement protocols. They prefer issuing a purchase order to a trusted vendor, leveraging existing credit lines, and maintaining a singular point of contact for replacements and warranty inquiries. For Software products too, they buy at a higher price, through their PO as it fits their workflow.

No channel program because Remarkable wants to deliver the best purchase experience to the users

Remarkable's remarkable product is a deliberate achievement, a result of their commitment to offering top-notch experiences for users. This commitment extends beyond product usage to the procurement process and warranty claims. This explains why they want to keep a direct purchase model - to offer best customer experience.

In our correspondence with Remarkable, they promptly acknowledged the absence of a reseller program, underlining their dedication to maintaining a direct sales approach for the sake of best customer experience. In fact they have made reselling the device a breach of their T&C

Hi Akash, Thanks for reaching out. It's great to hear you're interested in reMarkable. Unfortunately, we're not quite ready to collaborate with any resellers or distributors at this time. We are focused on creating the best buying experience for purchases made by end consumers, either private users or businesses. It's also important to note that only the person or business that has purchased an item can make a warranty claim. Our warranty does not cover third-party customers. Additionally, a reseller cannot make a claim on behalf of a third-party customer. This means that you, as the reseller, are responsible if the product is faulty or damaged. We cannot offer a repair or replacement. Please note that any resale of our products is a breach of our Terms and Conditions Until we are ready to collaborate with resellers and distributors, your customers are welcome to contact us directly. They can fill out our contact form here or visit our webshop. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Therefore, until the advent of a Remarkable reseller program in the UAE, the primary purchasing option remains through their official website. However, I remain optimistic that this circumstance will evolve in the future, providing prospective buyers with more accessible avenues to acquire this transformative device. Remarkable simply needs to discover a reseller who shares the same passion for promoting their device as they do for perfecting it.