When would the Seagate Exos 30TB be available in UAE ?

Reader's question( edited for clarity ) : I don't see a 30TB drive on your website or amazon. When can we expect its release in the UAE, and what are the specifications?

Though Seagate announced the drive in January, yet pricing details for distributors remain undisclosed and there is no availability for channel yet.

An estimated price point is around US$ 550 to maintain competitive cost per TB, I think it would be around 25% more than the Cost per TB on 24TB and not more

The expected transfer rate is under 300 MB/s due to a single actuator design. Seagate has only been publishing data on the technology and capacity but nothing on the transfer rates has been published.

Availability for distributors is projected for no earlier than June, as Seagate is currently prioritizing shipments to cloud providers, so if you want to buy a large drive now, 24TB is the current largest capacity available.