Kapsolo alternative to Port Design connect privacy screen in UAE

Privacy screens have gained significant popularity, particularly in office settings, where laptops and desktops are commonly used for handling sensitive information that requires confidentiality. While 3M is acknowledged as a leader in high-quality privacy screens, it comes at a premium price. However, several other players such as Port, Dicota, Penzer, Targus, Kapsolo, and Fellows are actively competing for a share of this market.

What exactly is a privacy screen and who needs it

Cyber security is not only about firewalls, antivirus and NDR. Data can be breached by simply glancing at a confidential spreadsheet someone is workign on. Privacy screens address this concern by restricting the viewing angles of screens, allowing only the person directly in front of the device to view its content. Anybody else looking at the screen from sides only sees a black screen.

The primary target audience for privacy screens encompasses individuals seeking to shield their screen content from prying eyes. However, the functionality of privacy screens extends beyond mere privacy protection; they also serve as anti-glare and anti-radiation screens. TAM is huge- at least 50% of the total displays and laptops sold.

2 Categories of Privacy filters - Japanese and Chinese

There are two major categories of privacy filters - Japanese and Chinese. Top-quality privacy screens, such as those from 3M, Kapsolo, and Targus, utilize materials sourced from Japan. Conversely, many other brands opt for OEM versions of Chinese privacy screens. Port Design, a French company, manufactures its privacy screens in China, while Kapsolo utilizes Japanese materials.

Users in UAE can opt for Kapsolo as an alternative to Port Design Privacy

Kapsolo makes a compelling alternative to Port Design, offering several distinct advantages:

  1. Option of 2 Way and 4 Way Privacy : Kapsolo provides privacy filters with both 2-way and 4-way options. The 4-way privacy filter, offering protection from all four sides, is particularly notable for its enhanced level of privacy. Other brands offer only a 2 way privacy.
  2. Adhesive and Plug-in Options: In contrast to the conventional plug-in privacy seen in products like Port Design or 3M, Kapsolo introduces an adhesive privacy solution. This innovative approach ensures a seamless fit to your screen, eliminating any gaps between the screen and the privacy filter. The conventional plug in ( removable tabs or double-sided tape) and adhesive both have seperate SKUs.
  3. Custom Sizes in 10 Days: With a vast inventory of over 20,000 SKUs catering to various display devices and frequent updates, Kapsolo ensures a comprehensive range. Even for unconventional or unique display sizes, such as those found in ATM machines or gaming devices, Kapsolo offers a solution with custom sizes delivered in just 10 days in UAE

Kapsolo alternative to PORT 900203, 900209, 900208, 900003 with free shipping in Dubai

Port Part NumberKapsolo AlternativeAdvantage of Kapsolo
Port 900209 23.8" 16: 9KAP10786Reversible, Japanaese Material
Port 900208 21.5" 16:9KAP10746Reversible, Japanaese Material
Port 900003 14.0" 16:9KAP12694Reversible, Japanaese Material
Port 900203 27" 16:10KAP11019Reversible, Japanaese Material

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