OWC Mercury Elite Pro is a good alternative to WD my book Duo

WD My Book Duo is an External DAS ( AKA External Hard drive) with USB C connection and options of RAID. OWC Mercury Elite Pro offers everything that WD has and then a little more.

WD My Book Duo vs OWC Mercury Elite Pro : Table of differences

Here are all the major differences between the 2 devices

SpecificationWD My Book DuoOWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-Port USB Hub
Hardware RAIDNo ( Use WD Drive Utility)Yes (Hardware Switch)
Construction-Premium Aluminium Case
Ports1 x USB C, 2 x USB A2 x USB C, 2 x USB A
Number of Drives2 Drives of Diskless2 Drives or Diskless

Where OWC Mercury Elite Pro outshines WD My Book Duo - Hardware RAID, Construction and Ports

Here are all the places where OWC outshines WD

  • OWC is a top-tier product with a robust aluminum housing that not only dissipates heat effectively but also imparts a sturdy feel to it.
  • One standout feature of OWC is its hardware RAID configuration. You can conveniently set the RAID level using a physical dial located at the back of the device, in contrast to WD, which requires the use of the WD Drive utility.
  • OWC has one extra USB C port compared to WD, providing increased connectivity options.
  • OWC is flexibile in terms of drive compatibility. You can configure it with drives from any brand of your choice, offering the freedom to use the specific brand you prefer. In contrast, WD restricts you to using only WD Red Drives.

Where WD My Book Duo Outshines OWC Mercury Elite Pro

WD has a very active ecosystem so it's available through various online platforms, retail stores, and through the distribution channel. On the other hand, OWC's availability is more limited and may not be as widely accessible.

Where to buy OWC Mercury Elite Pro in Dubai UAE

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